Haverfordwest Warm Roof Terrace Upgrade

Initial waterproofing - the complicated detailing for the secret guttering and railing pads is clear
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The line of railing pads and guttering and the irregular shaped terrace
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A close shot of the finished detailing - demonstrating the perfect-forming capacity of the polymer system
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The terrace as it dried and cured (fully mechanically cured within 72 hours)
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Eye-level view of the hidden guttering and railing pad areas
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The water 'escape' at the end of the terrace
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This complicated warm roof upgrade of a terrace in Haverfordwest, in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, had some unusual requirements - including difficult detailing around a defined secret guttering system and pads for metal safety railings.

As the photos above show, despite this high level of detailing, the polymer system is easily up to task - being "perfect forming" around details, jointless and seamless, fully wind and weatherproof, safe to walk on (within just a few hours) and guaranteed to last.

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