Large Tanking Project in Food Manufacturers Carmarthenshire

The finished area was full of detailing including pipes, struts and floor channels
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The size and complexity of the space is clear
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For roofing contractors, we get some unusual projects! And this one, ensuring a watertight environment in preparation for a concrete pour inside a food manufacturers in Carmarthenshire in South West Wales, shows how versatile the polymer system truly is. 

As the photos show, this was a sizeable area with a lot of detailing including several vertical steel struts, upstand pipes, and various floor grooves and channels. For practical and hygiene reasons, the need for a perfect-forming, seamless, and fully waterproof system was clear. The polymer system also has the advantage of very low toxicity and a cold-applied installation process, which cuts fumes drastically, all helpful in an area where food will be produced. In short, it was perfect for the space.

We set up our company on the back of years of experience in different kinds of roofing within a long family business. Ultimately we chose polymer roofing because we honestly believe it's the best - it's so flexible and high spec (and relatively affordable to boot) so we're very proud to be able to demonstrate how well it works outside of our usual projects too!

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