Advantages of Liquid Polymer Roofing

Environment, affordability, speed, flexibility, efficiency - we believe no roofing system on the market today offers such a flexible, practical, and high quality package for your money.

Other systems, including felt, asphalt, bitumen, fibre cement, asbestos, single ply, coil or plastic-coated metal sheet, can be:

  • Time consuming to install (so more expensive for you);
  • Inefficient with materials and waste;
  • Reliant upon outdated, jointed finishes, which are less watertight and can result in your roof looking like a patchwork quilt;
  • Messy to apply;
  • Environmentally damaging
  • Less versatile

A pleasant working environment using safe materials means a happy, dedicated team - so you benefit from the experience and practical skills of a team that likes to work! And with such clean, light materials, we can access the pokiest most difficult roofs without damaging your property.

Polymer roofing also reuses spent plastic particles, preventing them leaching into rivers and seas, where they can be fatally ingested by seabirds, fish and other marine species.


  • Installation involves HOT works
  • Blisters. Laps and edges curl
  • UV light causes embrittlement/crazing
  • Patch repairs leave exposed edges
  • Easily mechanically damaged
  • Difficult to work around detailing
  • Requires full removal and re-application at end of life

Asphalt and Bitumen:

  • Installation involves HOT works
  • Becomes mobile in heat, causing slump
  • UV light causes embrittlement/crazing
  • Difficult to detail
  • Blisters, cracks and rivels
  • Requires solar-reflective coating

Asbestos/Fibre Cement Profiles:

  • Major health and safety issues
  • Asbestos profiles no longer in production
  • Joints / fixings damaged by movement
  • Profiles embrittle and crack due to weather
  • Cement binder destroyed by acid rain
  • Asbestos is costly to dispose of and toxic
  • Moss / fungal attacks lead to porosity legislation requires managed removal

Single Ply:

  • Easily mechanically damaged
  • Difficult to detail
  • Membrane billows in high winds
  • Often requires bespoke fixings
  • 90° abutments at upstands split easily
  • Easily damaged by foot traffic
  • Mechanical fixings puncture membrane
  • Requires full removal and re-application at end of life.

Coil or Plastic-Coated Metal Sheet:

  • Cut ends rust
  • Replacing damaged panels can be disruptive
  • Joints / fixings damaged by movement
  • Difficult to detail around protrusions
  • Can be damaged in high winds causing stress to fixings

The liquid polymer roofing system suffers NONE of these problems!

Liquid membrane roofing is safer, more durable, more flexible, and its jointless, seamless finish looks fantastic.

You might expect high spec roofing like this to be prohibitively expensive, but its simplicity and ease of installation makes it affordable to almost everyone - see for yourself here: How much will my roof cost?

To learn more about the polymer roofing system or to discuss your roofing requirements, simply call or email - we never chase or hassle you, we answer your questions fairly and honestly, and we never pass on your details.

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