New Build Solutions

Aberdyfi Extended Balcony Terrace

This residential property in Aberdyfi, on the West Wales coast (North Wales county Gwynedd LL35) was perfect for an extended balcony terrace / garage roof terrace above the parking area.

The final, spacious balcony was coated with the Poly Roof Protec 20 year system and enhanced with polygrip anti slip coating (car park grade to ensure long life & unrestricted use).

What next?

Brecon Residential Home Polymer Roof

Gwenllian Morgan Court in Brecon in South Wales LD3 7ET needed refurbishment for the flat walkway-style areas of its rooftop (i.e. between slate areas).

As the photographs show, this was well within the capability of the polymer system - the main issue being creating a jointless, seamlessly waterproof seal when the roof is of two different materials.

This was, however, no problem. The final result is neat, watertight and guaranteed to last for at least 20 years.

What next?

Garage Decking & Timber Firring/Furring in Ceredigion

This new-build garage in Ceredigion, West Wales, needed fully decking and timber furring (also spelled firring) to create a tilt on the roof, ensuring good drainage. The roof adjoins the wall of the main house, which means particular u-values also needed to be observed.

The end result is a roof that will withstand even the toughest weather Wales can throw at it!

What next?

Bin Storage Unit in Cheltenham

The owners of this new bin storage area in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire were looking for a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing solution to keep outdoor bins dry and well-protected from the weather.

As the photographs show, the polymer system is just as versatile and effective for smaller projects as for larger ones. We were able to construct a cleanly-draining roof area, tapered to inbuilt guttering so the water never pools - meaning no weight-related roof collapse, no gathering moss, no algae or mould, no water ingress or leaks and no large areas of ice in the winter.

Newbuild Warm Roof - Quartzed Terraced Roof in Llanrhystud

This newbuild in Llanrhystud (halfway between Aberystwyth and Aberaeron in Ceredigion, West Wales SY23) needed a warm roof for a good sized first-floor terrace area spanning two sets of patio doors / French windows.

The weather was beautiful so it was enjoyable (if warm!) work. The client chose a quartz system for additional durability and non-slip qualities.

They now have a long-lasting, high-performance terrace overlooking the gorgeous West Wales scenery!

Complete Garage Roof Rebuild for Under 10K - Borth, Wales

This enviably large 46m2 garage roof in Borth on the West Wales coast (SY24, Ceredigion) had been so neglected that nothing was salvageable (which is rare). In this case, it meant a complete rebuild. The entire job cost less than 10K.

Large New Build Polymer Roof in Cheltenham GL50

The owners of this large new build on Parabola Road in central Cheltenham had very specific requirements, needing a warm roof over a truly huge, flat area.

We're highly experienced in installing warm roofs and flat roofs over more or less any size space, as many of our commercial projects, in particular, show.

Aberystwyth University dance studio refurb

These portacabin-style dance studios at Aberystwyth University (SY23) were in need of refurbishment involving coating the metal cladding to waterproof it and prolong its life.

We used the Polycoat RoofTec Elite system over the entire exterior - demonstrating the incredible versatility of the polymer system and the range of uses in which it excels.


Residential carpark polymer anti-flood refurb Belsize Park NW3

This residential car park in Belsize Park, Hampstead Heath, Camden (NW3) suffered a serious flood from the upper main road due to on-street rainwater drains being blocked solid from lack of maintenance. Although not historically a flood prone area, heavy rain and flooding wrought by climate change resulted in two houses and three apartments being flooded to a depth of one metre. This led residents to take preventive measures to decrease their reliance on external drain maintenance.

Hereford Substation Polymer Roof

This new electricity substation in Hereford, built to improve power supply to the city's homes, was being built from scratch and needed a good, high-spec, fully weatherproof and long-lasting roof from the outset.

We used a guaranteed 20 year protection system, installation as shown in the pictures above.

The polymer system we used - Protec - is also ideal for reinstating existing power substations with zero fall, since Protec is zero fall certified to exceed the designed lifespan.


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