About RM Polymers

Email: info@polymers.co.uk

Phone: 01970 610047

RM Polymers is a UK-wide roofing company specialising in a pioneering liquid membrane roofing system for roof repair, refurbishment, and new builds. The system is equally effective for flat, pitched and domed roofs, and cold or warm roofs. It forms to/around any shape or detail, and adheres to almost any substrate for ultimate flexibility.

The company was established by roofer Colin Richards, who draws upon more than 55 years of personal and family knowledge and experience of roofing work, materials and techniques, from older traditional lead work methods to modern technologies dominated by fast application membranes.

Working all over the UK, from London to Manchester, Birmingham to Bristol, and Aberdeen to Aberystwyth, RM Polymers has now spent nearly 20 years working with and refining the reinforced liquid membrane technology, building excellent reputations with home-owners, public authorities, commercial and architectural sectors, nationwide.

RM Polymers is fully certified and registered with Construction Line, the NFRC, Sika and Proteus and is able to offer an insurance backed guarantee for all work undertaken.


UK Supplier of Polymer Roofing Materials:

RM Polymers also supplies to trade a growing range of polymer roofing products, with the aim of supplying all the polymer roofer's materials in a one-stop shop. From resin coats and bonding primers to fibreglass matting and lead alternative flashing, you'll find high quality at competetive prices, from a company that really knows their stuff! Visit our Polymer Roofing Supplier section to find out more or click on the big Trade link on the right...

A Tor Partners Company

With the added peace of mind that comes from a manufacturer's guarantee, customers who employ a Tor Partner can be completely confident that they are employing a fully vetted, competent, and trustworthy Roofing Contractor.

Tor Partner Roofing Contractors are high quality, stringently vetted and inspected roofers who have: -

  • been trading at least three years;
  • had their work vetted by an independent body at least every 12 months;
  • been able to provide 3 references, including one from a 'professional' or Local Authority Building Control;
  • met Tor Partners' approval;
  • been vetted by the Local Authority Building Control Department;
  • taken out public and employer liability insurance;
  • are VAT registered;
  • passed credit checks, public record, and director checks;
  • satisfied the Code of Practice.

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