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Polymer Metal Roofing & Operation Haddock - Theftproof Lead & Copper Alternatives

This week saw the launch in the Tees Valley of Operation Haddock, an integrated effort by several bodies including Licensing, Trading Standards and... Read More

Autumn Roofing & Climate Change

July was not only the hottest July on record, it was also the hottest month globally since records began. Climate scientists tell us this is all part... Read More

Polymer Self-Levelling Flat Roof Compound

RM Polymers may be the only roofing contractor in the UK to offer a choice of DIY, Trade or contractor-based self-levelling roofing. Our polymer roof... Read More

Polymer Roofing in the Westcountry

Want a polymer roofer in Devon or Cornwall? Too often "UK wide" seems to miss out most of the Westcountry, stopping at Bristol or, if you... Read More

Metropole Hotel Gets Its Copper Polymer Spires

One of our latest jobs proving "hard-to-access" roofs and interesting roof pitches are no problem for the polymer system! The Metropole... Read More

Scotland Wide Roofer

Looking for a roofer that can reach you wherever you are in Scotland?  We can get to almost any roof - whether it's residential or... Read More

Fibreglass GRP Flat Roof Leaking

Fibreglass/GRP is among the most popular materials for flat roofing in the UK, mostly because it's considered affordable, tough and reasonably... Read More

Latest Roof and Balcony Projects

One of the much touted advantages of polymer roofing is its seemingly endless flexibility - it's jointless and seamless, can adhere to almost any... Read More

A Look at Polymer Balconies, Patios and Terraces

Balconies and roof terraces are enjoying a resurgence in Britain right now, with more and more people needing growing space or just somewhere to sit... Read More

Your Local Roofer - UK Wide

RM Polymer is not your usual roofing contractor. We like to think of ourselves as the UK Wide Local Roofer - we're a small business run by a... Read More