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Flat Roof Polymer Self Levelling Compounds

Bar none, the easiest way to level your roof is by applying polymer compounds. The system can be applied to nearly any pitch of roof, adheres to... Read More

Waterproof Your Roof for Autumn

Well the heatwave finally seems to have ended, and with it the rains are starting to arrive. Britain is well known for its wet and stormy Autumns, so... Read More

ANNOUNCEMENT: A New Maintenance Package for Sika Decothane Ultra Customers

RM Polymers is incredibly proud to announce a new package of long term cleaning and maintenance options for customers choosing the 25 year Sika... Read More

Cold Roof to Warm Roof Conversion

Converting an existing cold roof to meet warm roof U-value standards can be challenging. There are often a variety of considerations which simply do... Read More

Theft Proof Lead and Copper Roofing Alternatives

With metal theft a significant problem for many owners of lead and copper roofs, insurance has skyrocketed. Unfortunately many of the available... Read More

Fibreglass Flat Roof Repairs

We might be polymer roofing specialists but flat roofs are our bread and butter, and that means we see a lot of fibreglass roof repairs. Felt and... Read More

Anti-Skid Polymer Balcony Surfacing UK Wide

Wow what a summer!! We all know British balconies can be a bit of a joke come summer, but with the UK currently in the grip of an extended heatwave,... Read More

RM Polymers Renews Construction Line Certification

RM Polymers is proud to announce our updated approved certification with Construction Line, the top-standards Building & Construction Government... Read More

Polymer Roofing in Western Europe

There aren't many UK roofers able to travel to mainland Europe for work - ordinarily the costs would be too high, especially with the time needed... Read More

Leaking Fibreglass Flat Roofs Fixed the Polymer Way

Flat roofs present particular issues - usually relating to water retention (damp, mould, inadequate drainage etc), which is often the most unmissable... Read More