Polymer Roofing Technology Made Simple

What is a polymer roof?

Polymer-based roofing products reuse spent plastic particles, preventing them being dumped into oceans and other ecosystems. They're affordable, light, easy to handle and install and extremely low maintenance, as well as being jointless & seamless, waterproof, fireproof, theftproof, strong, durable, bondable to almost any substrate and incredibly versatile.

The polymers can also:

In comparison to other systems liquid polymer roofing delivers superior performance at lower cost:

  • Quick installationUK-wide - repair is fast (often only one day) and saves you money
  • Cold-applied & safe to install even when the building is occupied – Eliminates the health hazards of roofing materials such as felt or asphalt, which use flame guns or heat guns during application releasing a cocktail of chemical vapours
  • Joint free: no joints = no leaks
  • No waste and no mess - you won't need to move out and won't be left with a mess!
  • Unparalleled detailing capabilities - including around skylights, pipework and over domed surfaces: 'perfect forming' so your roof has maximum waterproofing and you won't need to call other people to sort out "tricky" areas
  • Bonds to a wide range of different materials and substrates, including felt, timber, concrete, asphalt, stone, and glass
  • Waterproof and weatherproof - fully watertight after 30 minutes!
  • Same-day setting - safe to walk on after just 6 hours!
  • Can be installed in almost any weather and even between weather fronts
  • Theft Proof - see copper alternative and lead alternative pages for details

Other technical advantages to the liquid roofing system include:

  • Vapour permeable - allows moisture vapour from within the building to escape, so the building can ‘breathe’
  • High elasticity - withstands roof movements without splitting or shearing
  • High film strength - tough, durable long-lasting membranes
  • UV resistant and UV stable - enables the system to resist all types of weather conditions, without additional protection
  • Easy to maintain - the system achieves excellent through-life costs
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals - including acids, alkalis, petrol, and oil
  • Resistant to flying sparks and radiated heat (DIN 4102 Part 7)
  • Disposable as domestic refuse after curing
  • Provides high build, cost effective and long lasting performance

All this, and:

  • We offer one of the best Manufacturer Warranties available meaning you're insured (for an extremely reasonable price) for labour, materials, plant hire (e.g., scaffolding), insolvency, retirement, etc. This insurance is transferable when you come to sell your property and can be presented to the purchaser’s presale surveyor.
  • We're highly experienced, only use products that are ETA accredited or BBA accredited, and are fully accredited Tor Partner roofers with BBA accreditation
  • We're accredited and registered by a range of top certification bodies including Construction Line, CHAS, NFRC, Sika and Proteus (see Trade Associations)
  • We work ANYWHERE in the UK
  • Want to do it yourself? You can buy or browse polymer roofing products in our new online shop.


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