Advice & Info - Lead Roof Alternatives

Lead is durable, malleable and reliable - but expensive to install, repair, and insure against lead roof theft, meaning more and more UK property owners are looking for lead-free alternatives:

  • Metal Alternatives like terne coated stainless steel, zinc, copper and aluminium can be expensive and have none of lead's malleability - so will not form easily around roofing details like lead does.
  • Slates & Tiles can be particularly unsuitable as a lead replacement, especially on traditional buildings, as the substrate suitable for lead is not suitable for slates or tiles. It is NOT recommended as a permanent alternative.
  • Other Roofing Materials such as EPDM, asphalt, felt and fibreglass suffer from numerous disadvantages as roofing materials.

We used to specialise as lead roofers so we know what we're talking about when we say that until now, there has been no really good substitute for lead...


The liquid polymer roofing system is often called "liquid lead" because it retains so many of lead's advantages... without any disadvantages!

The liquid membrane system is more flexible than lead, demands almost zero maintenance, is theft proof, can be used for lead free flashing, is one of the safest roofing materials out there, lasts 15-25 years (depending on which system you choose), the cost of installation is minimal - a tiny fraction of the cost of lead roofing - and it's simple and quick to reinstall at the end of its life. When replacement is needed (after 20 years or so), liquid polymer roofs don't suffer from cracking or rotting - they simply "chalk" a little. Reinstatement is simplicity itself and makes your roof good for another 20 years! No special insurance is required - so no more unaffordable premiums and no worrying about what excess you'll have to pay if your lead work gets stolen.

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