Surface Your Balcony Seamlessly

1st coat of liquid membrane flat roofing system applied over concrete roof
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Jointless and seamless with anti-skid grit... and ready to walk on in 6 hours
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The guests can now enjoy their fine Scottish views secure underfoot!
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Balcony quartz system in place in Pitlochry hotel, replacing the leaking tiled walkway already there
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So that all of our polymer balconies are safe and long-lasting
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No matter the shape!
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Balconies vary so to discuss your particular needs and arrange a FREE no-obligation quote, call 07855 535581 or drop us an email


Why a polymer balcony?

  • Jointless & Seamless: Over time a balcony's protective surface wears and cracks, allowing water to leak in and damage underlying areas. Polymer balconies don't crack or split
  • Waterproof, Weatherproof, UV-resistant and Fireproof - all within 1 hour of application
  • Strong enough to be walked on after only 6 hours

This pioneering system is strong, durable, waterproof, fireproof and weatherproof - making it ideal for balconies, walkways and roof terraces. Its unique properties maximise flexibility so however large, small or oddly shaped your balcony, we can access it and you get the perfect jointless and seamless finish, complete with top tough coat and anti-skid grit. The polymer system can be applied over a huge range of substrates, including felt, wood, asphalt, concrete, metal, and even glass, according to your specifications and requirements.

Why not jazz up your balcony with a quartz colour scheme?

The strong binding properties of the polymer system mean you can choose the colour of your balcony - A specially prepared decorative quartz mineral filler, available in a wide range of colours, is simply mixed with the polymer topcoat, leaving your balcony beautiful, original, and tough.

Fire safe & Planning Officer friendly:

All our balconies conform fully to building regulations, including fire regulations. Especially in terraced houses, permission can be refused or completion certificates withheld where fire might spread to conjoined properties - eg roof terraces & attic balcony conversions.

Most roofing systems (including fibreglass, felt & some membrane roof products) cannot fulfil fire retardant test requirements, so won't satisfy Building Control. Our system is different. To minimise your costs, your proposal needs to be right first time. This simple, cold-applied system forms a stable, certified fire retardant barrier that can coat almost any roof material thoroughly and without difficulty - so coming to us first means that your plans aren't turned down before you start!

Balcony & Balcony Walkway projects:

To get an idea of how your balcony or walkway area can be transformed quickly and effectively into a waterproof, weatherproof, fireproof, enduring space for you and your family and friends, take a look at some of our previous balcony and walkway projects.

From London to Land's End, from West Wales to Wick in the North of Scotland, no balcony is beyond our reach!

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