Cleaning & Maintenance Options for Sika Decothane Ultra 25 Yr Warm Roof Systems

Considering long term roof care options for your Sika Decothane Ultra warm roof?

The Sika Decothane Ultra system is a polyurethane system that sets new standards for the industry and is considered “the next generation of liquid roof waterproofing”. The Decothane family of products already meets very high specifications for performance: being fast curing, cold-applied (which eliminates fire risk during installation) and jointless and seamless, creating a complete sealed protective waterproof membrane that completely prevents water ingress.

All of these factors, along with ease and speed of installation, product versatility and improved access considerations, have contributed towards making liquid waterproofing systems the fastest growing sector in the flat roofing market.


However, a difficult problem with short-term VOC-type odours persisted (the problem being how to reduce the odour without reducing roof performance). This problem tended to be less with Decothane systems than with other polymer systems but was still there, often posing a particular issue for sensitive sites such as schools, hospitals and food manufacturing plants. Decothane Ultra resolves this problem.

These kinds of roofs tend to be larger and more expensive, which can be a challenge to maintain even with very low maintenance roofing systems such as the polymer system (one of the lowest maintenance options on the market). These roofs are guaranteed to last for 25 years. Cleaning, general upkeep, fascia and gutter replacement and so on, require time, energy and funds often not planned for over such a long period. As a result we are frequently asked by customers whether we can provide maintenance options.

In addition, people can be reluctant to invest in a 25 year roof in the first place if they plan to sell within the next few years, so can end up opting for cheaper less long-term options in order to fulfil conditions of sale, or risk having their sale ruined because of an old flat roof when a pre-sale surveyor omits it for indemnity purposes.

A New Kind of Roofing Package:

From our point of view, Sika Decothane is without a doubt one of the best systems on the market and their new low-odour products ought to be big draw for commercial and residential roof owners. But these other problems have needed solving too.

So that's what we've put our heads to, and we are now very pleased to announce a new kind of roofing package for warm roof installations using the full 25 year Sika Liquid Plastics Decothane Ultra system with new fascias and gutters and a 25 year insurance backed guarantee, and a cleaning and maintenance option with 0.5% interest.

None of the maintenance work is farmed out to substandard contractors (as has been known to happen in certain other industries) – we do all the work in accordance with a pre-agreed schedule of operations.

We are fastidious and customer-oriented roofing contractors properly trained and certified in the use of Sika products. The Sika accreditation scheme is designed to promote exemplary standards within the industry in every area from performance and competence to auditing and best company practice, and we care about upholding those standards.

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