Information and Advice - Copper Roof Alternatives

The sleek, modern finish looks great - even up close
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The copper alternative (left) shows the colour match and improvement on the old copper
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Solihull's Oliver Bird Hall with its new copper substitute roof
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The detachable roof that will never have its copper stolen again!
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An outstanding copper alternative summer house roof in Golders Green, London
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What's wrong with copper roofing?

Theft Risk: A fourfold increase in copper scrap value has made it viable for thieves to strip copper and steal copper roof detailing. This theft risk has pushed insurance costs for copper roofs higher and higher, making copper roofing  prohibitively expensive to replace.

Expense: initial copper roof cost, insurance issues, ongoing care and cleaning of the roof (sporadic but can be expensive)

Difficulty of forming copper around roof details, including skylights, chimney flues and other outlets, or fitting it to awkward roof shapes.


Do copper roof alternatives retain the traditional genuine copper "look"?

Not all do no, but the "verdi green" copper alternative developed for the liquid roofing system is:

  • Designed to mimic the look of patinated copper perfectly (just see the colour match in the slideshow above or check out previous copper alternative roof projects - in many cases the polymer roof looks better than the original!). It's also:
  • Affordable and requires NO insurance
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • 'Perfect forming' (able to form around any detail or shape)
  • Theft proof (fully adheres to any substrate, valueless to thieves, plus can include SmartWater technology

The pioneering polymer roofing membrane combines the traditional 'verdi green' patina of genuine aged copper with the highest levels of performance and efficiency, all without the expense of additional insurance.

It's not only the perfect alternative to copper roofing - it's the perfect roof!


So what will my roof look like?

Browse our copper roof alternatives portfolio to see the authentic yet modern green copper alternative - from churches sick of their roofs being stolen to cutting edge institutions like Aberystwyth University - this is a roof to suit all tastes!

What other copper roofing alternatives are out there and how do they compare to liquid polymer?

Browse our dedicated section on alternatives to sheet copper roofing - covering copper shingles, 'copper paint', and the 'verdi green' liquid polymer system. We can work with any and all of these but choose to specialise in liquid polymer roofing - see how they all compare to sheet copper and we think you'll see why!


What's the insurance issue with copper roofs?

Repeated thefts mean copper roofing has simply become cost prohibitive for insurers, so many copper roof owners are now being refused.


How much does liquid polymer copper roof alternative cost?

Liquid polymer offers fantastic value for your money. Just check our unique online estimator - and see why roof prices don't have to be sky high!


How long does a liquid polymer copper roof replacement last?

Once installed, how long will your copper alternative roof last?

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