Aberystwyth University Laboratory - Llandinam, Penglais

The building formed a complex area of multiple roofs
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The existing substrate was cracked and worn
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Much of the area needed scaffolding
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Large inaccessible gaps complicated the job further
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Though in other areas access was more straightforward
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Several factors needed to be taken into account
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Many areas were in disrepair
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With several areas of potential water ingress
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Multiple roof areas
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One of the long laboratory roofs completed
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All of the roof areas finished - now completely seamless and jointless
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The tapered Decotherm system also allows water to flow away
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The polymer system fully waterproofs the entire drainage area
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The system protects even up wall edges and to sills
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QA Project reroofing the Llandinam Building, a laboratory on Aberystwyth University's Penglais Campus:

Multiple factors problematised the successful waterproofing of this laboratory refurbishment, including issues with keeping the building itself waterproof while the works progressed.

The laboratory roof has a series of higher levels draining into central chute outlets and discharging onto lower level roofs. These lower roofs have glazing along their entire lengths.

We stripped the existing roof build-up back to concrete, clearing and repairing as necessary in preparation for power washing. We then treated and all metallic surfaces using Sika Primer, coated all surfaces with a vapour control layer, then fitted a mechanically fixed Decotherm Flatboard installation and Decotherm tapered board. We then installed a Sika 20 year Decothane Ultra system to waterproof, seal and finish the entire area.

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