Aberystwyth University Ply Roofing Replacement

The perished area was warped and split
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After pressure washing, the entire roof area was coated
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The waterproofing extends up the parapets to prevent water ingress at edges
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The coated area was allowed initial drying time
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Undercoating in progress...
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The polymer roofing system is so quick-drying, areas can usually be completed in a single day
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The undercoat drying ready for top coat
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This single ply membrane roof at the University of Aberystwyth had been leaking for many years. After preparation works, including pressure washing to thoroughly clean the area, three splits were found, necessitating a roof replacement. Polymer roofing is a better-lasting material that doesn't split after time (the degradation process is slower and results in gradual 'chalking' rather than splits or lifts - meaning no water ingress).

The roof was primed before being coated with Poly Roof Protec and 450GSM matting (see shop for DIY options).

The area was then given a final coat of light grey top coat almost identical to the original single ply roofing system, to preserve the aesthetic in relation to other buildings.

As a precaution to ensure the joints were not leaking as well, metal parapet copings were coated on the joints for localised repairs.

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