Adaptable flashings for non-standard skylight at Aberystwyth University

Non-standard skylight, easily fitted using the polymer system
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Knowing the polymer system's flexibility and our high standard of work, Aberystwyth University in West Wales asked us to solve a tricky skylight issue...

Flashings and kerb upstands tend to be manufactured to particular sizes, meaning that non-standard skylights made to special size requirements can often present a challenge. 

From working with us before, they already knew that the polymer system adapts comfortably to unusual roof details, including non-standard openings, outlets and window spaces. We were able to resolve the problem using adabtable flashing and kerbing with interior lining. The result is a characteristically snug, watertight, strong and durable window at the size they needed i

Non-standard problems of your own? 

Many roofs don't fit "the norm", with an array of pipe outlets, flues, windows, and so on. The polymer system is 'perfect forming', making it adaptable to almost any roof. So if you have an awkward roof, please don't hesitate to call - you can reach us on 07855 535581 (we won't pass on your details to anyone ever)