Argos Roof Maintenance and Repairs

Excessive roof debris on the Argos Store in Aberystwyth
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Problems had appeared over a large area
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The difference made by pressure washing the roof is clear
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The gutters were kept perfectly clear during relining
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Gutters have now been sealed with a Sika 20 year polymer system
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This process was repeated over the entire roof area
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An example problem area
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The roof of the Argos in Aberystwyth in West Wales was so choked with vegetation and debris from nesting birds, leaves and general accumulation, that the store had begun to flood badly. This had cost the business significant money cleaning up the mess and had also lost Argos thousands of pounds in damaged stock.

As with many retail businesses the roof area was large (around 1000m2), which had allowed for a lot of build up. The entire area had to be pressure washed, including roof elevations so that more debris could not fall into the gutters while the relining of the gutter took place. 

The gutter lining itself was completed with a Sika 20 year fibreglass jointless and seamless liquid membrane system.

Large domed Outlet leaf guards were fitted to stop debris from blocking the outlet pipe in future.

The cut ends of roofing sheets were also rust treated and coated with a 10 year cladding finish to ease future maintenance and complete the work. 

RM Polymers has now entered into a contract to clean the roof twice a year and repair as needed.

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