Ascot Balcony Gets Polymer Treatment and New Quartz Coat

This balcony in Ascot went from puddling water to looking great
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Water will now run off as it is supposed to
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This balcony in Ascot, Berkshire was suffering from pooling and flooding, with water failing to drain away correctly. An oversight when the cantilevered joist had originally been fitted made water run off nearly impossible.

We supplied and fitted tapered insulation from 5mm to 35mm covering the patio doorstep but not the double glazing weep/drain holes. When the coating had adhered fully with no piercing fixings, we waterproofed the surface to prevent any further water ingress into the balcony. We then coated the balcony in coloured quartz and sealer.

As usual, the polymer system was installed quickly and efficiently. All rain water successfully drained away in a 1.5 metre width fall and the balcony is now safe, weatherproof and fully usable.

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