Balcony in Helensburgh, Scotland

Balcony in Helensburgh in Scotland with concrete decking and primer applied
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The first of two waterproof coats
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Forest green quartz was laid into a specialist resin
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... and then sealed with resin
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This balcony in Helensburgh in Dunbartonshire, Scotland was completed in September 2010. The concrete deck was applied with a specialist self-levelling compound, before application of the primer.

In all, two coats of waterproofing membrane were applied, to give a jointless, seamless, fully waterproof and weatherproof system ( a must in Scotland!)

We used a specialist balcony flooring resin to lay the forest green quartz the owners wanted to use, sealing this into the balcony floor with a resin finish.

The result is a beautiful, practical, and long-lasting balcony!

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