Balcony Reroof for Flats Above Tesco Express in Chingford, Essex

This balcony roof was entirely refurbished without disruption to the busy Tesco Express downstairs
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Small areas of the roof were exposed to strip back to the underlying steel frame structure
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Everyone was happy with the brisk pace of work!
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The second roof was fully sealed and waterproofed the same day
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The final balcony should service these flats for at least 20 years
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This balcony roof area above Tesco Express in Chingford, Essex (Waltham Forest, London) serves six flats which are also leased to Waltham Forest Council in East London's Chingford E4.

The balcony area was run down and in need of refurbishment and complete reroofing. The existing mineral felt flat roof decking was saturated and the walkway decking needed replacing.

Removing the roof was not viable as it would of meant closure of a very busy Tesco Express (resulting in loss of earnings – and rebate on the rent).

Small areas of roof were exposed to expose the steel frame structure - and new joist supports were fired to the steel giving new uprights with which to build a second roof above the old roof. The new supports were sealed with the polymer liquid membrane roofing system, rendering the roof fully waterproof. The roof was then re joisted and decked.

A full 20 year liquid membrane flat roof system was laid over the entire balcony walk way system. The railings were then fitted and the feet sealed over with liquid membrane to complete 100%.

  • Disruption to the Tesco Express directly below was zero.
  • Disruption to the flats was minimal - routes for access to the flats were moved a few metres for the few hours that the membrane was drying.

This method saved the landlord thousands of pounds compensation and above all kept the tenants and lease holder in good relations.

  • The whole project cost around £40,000.00
  • Tesco had been a loyal tenant for 12 years
  • The landlord commented that the day's work it took for this roofing project was less than it would have cost for solicitors' replies and negotiations of compensation for Tesco Express.

This reroofing method is perfect where new apartments are being built upwards on existing building structures. The liquid membrane seals around the new structural support, saving damage to any and all tenants.

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