Bow Street Insulated Warm Roof

Perimeter insulation being laid inside the stripped roof joists
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The roof was covered in new ply decking
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A vapour control barrier was fitted
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The fully fitted and adhered vapour barrier
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Primer applied ready to receive the carrier membrane
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BEFORE - the roof as it was before turning it into a warm roof
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Insulation was also fitted over the entire roof surface
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... with insulation blocks cut individually to size as required
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This created a complete warm layer acting as a base for the decking
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View showing the snug fit of the insulation layer
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Warm Roofs are roofs that meet strict government guidelines for insulation or U-value (read more about warm roofs)

This project in Bow Street near Aberystwyth demonstrates how easy it can be to turn an existing roof into a warm roof - a simple process involving first stripping it down to the joists then fitting perimeter insulation inside the void and cold bridging joist.

New ply decking was fitted over the entire roof to receive & support the insulation, before laying a vapour control barrier, which had to be be fully fitted fully & adhered (the silver layer in photos 3 & 4)

106mm insulation was then fitted and the entire area coated first with primer, and then with carrier membrane.

This simple process was all it took to transform this roof into a highly efficient warm roof complete with a new 20 year liquid membrane system that will keep it fully watertight and weatherproof for decades to come.

Want your own Warm Roof?

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