Bude Cold Roof to Warm Roof Conversion

This large roof space needed repairs in several places
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Interjoist areas were filled to prevent through draft to new warm roof
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Equipment being put in place ready for the first stage of the installment
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This system allows insulation to be delivered quickly and easily
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And keeps all necessary pipes and pumps at the correct level
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Photo showing how exposed to the elements this roof is!
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A final view of the cracked and pooling roof before the new system goes on
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The new roof in place
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The system forms perfectly even around quite unusual details (note stepping)
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All chimney stacks and vents are seamlessly protected
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And the tapering of the roof ensures good surface run off
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This building in Bude in North Cornwall needed its roof converted from Cold Roof to Warm Roof. This was however a trickier than usual job as the existing roof needed to remain entirely in situ and there was a very large area requiring insulation.

The photos above show the state the roof was in prior to work commencing, with the last 4 pictures showing the completed installation.

The area itself was large, and contained several interrupting details such as chimney stacks, old metal scaffold bases, potholes, vents and drainage. Some areas, including the easily exposed joist areas, required cold bridging with insulation in order to prevent through draft once the roof's conversion was complete.

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