Ceredigion Training Centre in Llanbadarn, Aberystwyth, West Wales

First, the roof was cleaned ready ready for the tapered insulation
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Tapered insulation was fitted over the whole area
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Creating a warm roof over the existing roof
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Fascia heights were increased
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And the entire roof was coated using the polymer system
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Fascias were fitted and details finished - to create a completely seamless roof!
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The roof of the Ceredigion Training Centre at Llanbadarn on the outskirts of Aberystwyth was in dire need of proper insulation. The existing roof did not conform to government U-values and the cold roof was costing the training centre money in heating. 

We worked with the existing mastic asphalt roof, saving time, money and resources. The entire area was cleaned, with increased ply fascias fitted in preparation for the roof to receive the tapered insulation - a thickly insulated power deck designed for foot traffic.

Where 3 outlets drained from an internal outlet onto the roof, the fall was reversed from 1:60 to 1:30, cancelling out the existing fall in the opposite direction (a fast simple solution which added no extra weight to the roof). The outlets were then directed to outside hoppers for easy maintenance in the future.

UPVC fascias were fitted over the ply fascias, and the downpipes and hoppers were also fitted, with their falls designed around existing water galleys.

The tapered insulation required no ply boarding, saving cost and time.

Finally, the roof was coated with SIKA liquid plastics' 15 year BBA-approved jointless, seamless fibreglass reinforced system, and new lead flashing was installed at a new height. The wall was sprayed with a 10 year K501 system - a water-based silane-siloxane compound providing outstanding waterproofing without affecting the surface character of the substrate at all (it is virtually invisible).

The whole system is covered by a 10 year insurance-backed guarantee.

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