Commercial GRP fibreglass roof replacement in Beckenham, Kent

This GRP fibreglass roof in Beckenham, Kent had failed
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The fibreglass roof failure was due to expansion and contraction problems
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Roof repair took account of where expansion and contraction had caused the roof to 'tent'
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Extra expansion joints were fitted
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... And the first coat finished
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Failure of fibreglass to cope with expansion and contraction causes roof 'tenting'
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The GRP roof was clearly no longer doing its job
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The final coats were then seamlessly applied...
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... Guaranteeing the roof for the next 25 years!
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This semi-detached commercial roof in Beckenham, Kent, was failing badly! The GRP fibreglass roof already in place was 'tenting' because of natural contraction and expansion, which the fibreglass couldn't cope with.

We were able to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently (despite the wet weather!), repairing the roof where expansion and contraction had caused issues, and fitting extra expansion joints to allow for movement - which the liquid polymer roofing system can easily accommodate!

The completed roof offered the commercial owners a fully guaranteed 25 year system at a fraction of the cost and time that most other roofing systems would cost.

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