Cost Effective Roof - Bow Street. Aberystwyth

The patchwork quilt effect typical with old mineral felt roofs
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The roof was cleaned and prepared
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and coated with Sika Liquid Plastics jointless system
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The seamless roof joined easily to the neighbour's GRP system
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The completed roof
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A recently purchased house in Bow Street Ceredigion, near Aberystwyth, was in immediate need of re-roofing, but after purchase costs the owners were left with a limited budget for works, both on the roof and elsewhere around the house. Because of this, a highly cost effective method was required.

The existing roof consisted of flat mineral felt which, as picture 1 shows, had been replaced in so many sections over the years that it had taken on a "patchwork quilt" effect typical of old and degraded felt roofing.

The roof was pressure washed clean and soft spots in the decking repaired (cut out and replaced with ply wood ), before being overlaid with a Sika Liquid Plastics jointless and seamless fibreglass reinforced liquid membrane system. In this way, no stripping was required.

The roof joined easily and seamlessly to next door's grp system, with grp edge trim creating a match, giving neat visual continuation between the two.

The 15 year system will easily last 20 years, with reinstatement being a simple process in which the roof is pressure washed clean and recoated, reinstating integrity for another 10 years plus.

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