Fibreglass flat roof in Copperfields, Sevenoaks, Kent

The existing fibreglass roof was in poor repair...
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... it was dirty, worn, and leaking badly
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We pressure-washed the roof - not only to clean it but to reveal the problems...
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The underlying fibreglass matting had become porous
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... rendering it completely ineffective as a roof
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Once it had been pressure-washed, stage 2 could begin
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... following this with a second coat of dark grey
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After priming the roof, we first-coated in black
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We then allowed this to set...
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(aided by the beautiful sunshine!)
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... until, by the same evening, the roof was completely weathertight and safe to stand on!
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This fibreglass flat roof in Copperfields, in Sevenoaks in Kent was in a poor state of repair.

The existing fibre glass had become exceptionally tired, dirty, and thin... and had started to leak significantly, as the slideshow pictures above illustrate clearly.

We pressure-washed the whole roof clean as part of its pre-treatment, revealing a porous layer of white fibreglass matting that had been letting water through for some time. Fortunately, repairing the problems caused over time by other roofing systems is one of the areas where the liquid polymer roofing system really excels! In a matter of hours, we had primed the roof and begun the application process, coating the roof first with a black base and then in dark grey.

The roof is now waterproof, weathertight, and will last for many, many years!

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