Lead Refurbishment at Bronant School, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion

There was a clear split in the existing leadwork at this primary school
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The whole area, sandwiched between roofs, would need replacing
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The polymer refurbishment, complete with drainage
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Bronnant or Bronant Primary School located between Aberystwyth and Tregaron in Ceredigion. A section of lead work sandwiched awkwardly between various roofs had split, exposing the substrate to the elements. We have worked on many schools around Ceredigion, thanks to the polymer system's uniquely low-impact process as well as the speed of installation. The system causes so little disruption that activities can usually be continued in the rooms below, while we work, and most roofs can be fully refurbished within one day.

The awkward shape of this roofing area was no problem for the polymer system, which is exceptionally versatile, jointless and seamless and "perfect forming" around details. We utilised the existing downward gradient to install efficient drainage (a must in West Wales).

The roof area is now fully refurbished and will remain waterproof, weatherproof and split-proof for years to come.

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