Lead roof alternative on listed building in Aberystwyth

Listed building in Aberystwyth - the 'perfect forming', lead coloured liquid roofing system is ideal for this work
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The completed roof of this listed building in Aberystwyth shows just how versatile the liquid roofing system can be - it looks like lead, forms around details more easily than lead (it is 'perfect forming'), and indeed, often gets described as 'liquid lead'.

On this roof, the lead-work had perished and would have been 'cost prohibitive' to replace. Various alternative options exist but most (including fibreglass) do not expand and contract enough to withstand the movement of lead over time - the fact that our system does (and that it looks like lead once it's in place) makes it the ideal choice. For this lead alternative roof, we: -

  • Stripped the slates back on the upstand;
  • Applied a specialist bonding primer to the lead;
  • Fitted deeper drip edges to direct rainwater away from detailed woodwork, protecting the woodwork and preventing further perishing;
  • Applied the reinforced liquid membrane over the existing lead-work and welts;
  • Top-coated in lead grey for a lead finish;
  • Refitted the slates.

The cost for this lead work replacement was just £3,642.00 (plus VAT), and we recoated the roof for £1,822 (plus VAT), including a 20-year warranty.

Work was completed in just 2 days and our superb 'health and safety' standards, together with the roofing system's unique method of application and inherent waterproof qualities, meant that the tenants below stayed dry and secure - they didn't even have to move out while the roofing work was happening! All work, undertaken by a skilled and highly experienced team of roofers, comes with an industry-leading fully transferable Latent Defects Warranty and our personal guarantee of high standards.

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