Marine Hotel Aberystwyth Gets New Polymer Flat Roof

The flat roof area of the Marine Hotel in Aberystwyth
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Despite the sunshine, this was a problem roof
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with water everywhere
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and poky access
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The roof was also affected by a fire escape walkway
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We got to work immediately
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Ensuring the Air Conditioning Units were raised on wooden struts
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The walkway covered a sizeable area
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The roof was fully coated before the AC Units were lowered
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so that work could progress without mechanical engineers
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The Marine Hotel on Aberystwyth's seafront in West Wales, sported various features making it difficult, if not impossible, for most roofers to access without damage. The problem area was a flat roof with air conditioning units on it beneath a fire escape walkway. We were able to strip, refurbish and fully waterproof the ENTIRE area (even WITH the AC units in just 4 days with no damage and no need to call out mechanical engineers to disconnect and recommission the units...


Firstly we removed the fire escape, before applying base coats – the flexibility of installation of liquid membrane roofing enabled awkward areas to be done first then joined to rest of system later so that the roof was totally encapsulated.

The fire escape was then refitted.

As for the Air Conditioning units - the flexibility of the polymer system meant we were able to precoat the units underneath simply by lifting them up 150mm and resting them on wooden planks (visible in photos 1, 6, 8 and 10). We applied 2 coats to ensure seamless waterproofing then re-positioned the units, all without the need (or expense) of additional workmen.

Waterproofing a roof with air conditioning units CAN be a notoriously difficult job but the polymer system makes it EASY. The Marine Hotel, one of Aberystwyth's most longstanding seafront hotels will now stay fully waterproof and weather resistant for decades to come - without compromise.

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