New build copper alternative roof in Uxbridge, Greater London (conservation area)

Copper alternative roofing project in Uxbridge, Greater London
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The new build was in a conservation area
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The 1st coat and standing seams created a clean base for the top coat
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The verdi green top coat
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The finished roof was contemporary, cool, and highly sympathetic to the surrounding conservation area
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For this new build roof in a conservation area in Uxbridge, Greater London, the owners opted for a copper alternative roof. For them, the aesthetic requirements were crucial, as they had to ensure that their new home's roof would fit in with the surrounding area and be acceptable to the authorities. They also wanted something modern, long lasting, fireproof, and of course waterproof and weatherproof!

The liquid polymer system provides them with all of this and more. As you can see, the finished roof is not only highly sympathetic to the surrounding area - it also looks up-to-date, is guaranteed to last, and was installed quickly, simply, and with no fuss - exactly what you need when you're managing something as complicated as a new build project!

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