Penrith Warm Roofs with Gradient Tapered Insulation & Poly roof protection

The polymer system being installed around a central skylight
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Prior to installation, the area was pressure washed
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The system is designed to channel rainwater to allocated areas
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To reach the drainage spot, the entire roof needs to be tapered
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Additional detailing is required to ensure no water pools near the skylight
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A gentle gradient carries all water away from both the skylight and the adjoining wall
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The subtlety of the gradient is just visible along the edge of the skylight
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A water test shows the system is working correctly
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And the finished roof will last at least 20 years thanks to the polymer protection system
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These two roofs in Winskill, near Penrith in Cumbria CA10, required a high degree of careful tapering to create an insulated polymer gradient that will channel rainwater away from the central skylight and away from the adjoining wall. This will protect the integrity of both the skylight and the roof substrate, ensuring water will not pool or sit.

The owners chose a 20 year polymer roof protection, guaranteeing the roof will last at least that long (when it eventually wears, it "chalks" rather than cracking or leaking like many roof surfaces, giving plenty of notice for repair).

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