Polymer Roof Refurb in Talybont, Ceredigion

Before - The roof surface was in poor condition
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Water was pooling and moss growing
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The problem covered the entire area
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After - The fully repaired roof, now seamless, jointless and waterproof
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This wraparound roof in Talybont in Ceredigion, West Wales, was badly leaking and in desperate need of repair and refurbishment. Water was pooling everywhere, the existing surface was ripped, lifting and leaking, and moss had formed in clumps over much of the surface.

Despite this, the underlying roof was still sound and able to be reused!

After cleaning, stripping back and pressure washing the roof, the decayed felt substrate was removed. SA500e was laid onto bare deck and the rough substrate was primed.

We then utilised a 10 year typical overlay system using Sika 618, which saved the roof from full removal and redecking and saved money for the owners.

This was all done in January 2017 amid poor weather and dim light - all of which presents little difficulty for the polymer system.

Leaks are now gone and the roof will be snug and sound for many more years.

What now?

We work all over the UK and can get to most roofs fast, whether they're in rural Wales, far flung Scottish hills, or in busy crammed cities. To find out more about the system, simply follow the links around the site, or call us on 07855 535581