Polymer Surfacing Aberystwyth Castle Walkway

The concrete walkway in the castle grounds at Aberystwyth
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A large area of damage on the walkway
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Pressure cleaning revealed lots of mini potholes and surface damage
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We repaired the damage
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And resurfaced the walkway
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Aberystwyth Castle is a historically important, thirteenth century Grade 1 Listed Building on the West Wales coast. A combination of tourist footfall and its windy, exposed position at the sea front gives it much to stand up to, throughout its large grounds.

The concrete walkway, located within the area of the castle grounds closest to the sea, was in a bad way, with a large and obvious chunk of weaker surfacing apparent (see photos) and several smaller problems including lots of surface pocking and small potholes. We set to work pressure washing the area, cleaning out the problem areas thoroughly before repairing the more obvious chunk with concrete.

Following this, we overcoated the walkway with polymer surfacing, rendering it waterproof, weatherproof and skid-proof for years to come.

Many of our most unusual projects have been in Aberystwyth, including reroofing the train carriages of the funicular Aberystwyth Cliff Railway carrying people up and down Constitution Hill at the other end of the sea front. 

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