Preston Lead Alternative

First sections of undercoat being applied next to existing leadwork
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The new polymer panel-work being installed
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The polymer system is jointless and seamless even over raised details
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Lead alternative panel areas
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Unusual shapes are no problem for the polymer system
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The fully waterproof and watertight lead substitute in place over the full area
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This roof in Preston, Lancashire needed an alternative to its existing lead panel roofing. The work extended over relatively small areas on two levels, including an irregularly shaped area to the fore. 

This was both quick and straightforward for the polymer system - also known as "liquid lead" it easily coated the problem areas, providing a fully waterproof and weatherproof jointless, seamless new roof for the area in only a few hours.

The work was done during the dark, wet, cold days of January, which provided no obstacle for the system, which is so quick to install that it can even be applied between weather fronts.

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