Tapered warm roof installation at Carno, Powys

Insulation being fitted for the warm roof
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Breeze blocks ensure even drying for the insulation
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The noggings for the balustrade so that they do not affix to the insulation
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The insulation should be exactly flat as this picture shows
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The area is then swept clean ready for the ply layer
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The plywood layer is bolted down
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This creates a level surface for the polymer installation
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The polymer coats are applied to create a gradient, aiding drainage
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This ensures water will not pool or sit
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This insulated terrace roof in the small village of Carno in Powys SY17 required warm roof insulation, noggings/noggins fitted for balustrade railings, and a tapered gradient for drainage. It also enjoys a fully waterproof and weatherproof 20 year guaranteed polymer system.

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