Terrace Balcony Warm Roof Upgrade in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

The freshly insulated roof with drainage channels
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All detailing was clearly defined in advance
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The roof was then prepared for undercoating
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Along its entire length (rather than in sections)
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As coating progresses, the detailing for secret gutters and railing pads is clear
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This photo shows the line of railing pads and guttering
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A close shot of the finished detailing - demonstrating the perfect-forming capacity of the polymer system
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The terrace as it dried and cured (fully mechanically cured within 72 hrs)
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Eye-level view of the hidden guttering and railing pad areas
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The water 'escape' at the end of the terrace
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Porcelain tiling was then laid and railings fitted
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Creating a beautiful terrace balcony area
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with traditional, original-looking railings
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which remain neat and perfect even in corner areas
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The final roof is smart, traditional-looking, strong, long-lasting and attractive
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This complicated warm roof upgrade of a terrace in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, West Wales SA61, had some unusual requirements - including difficult detailing around a defined secret guttering system and pads for metal safety railings. The 1.6m wide terrace balcony area was showing signs of wear and rot and the owners also wanted to give it a general facelift. They opted for a 20 year Protec system, traditional-look railings, all finished with beautiful, cost effective porcelain tiling (around £14 each) with adjustable angle and height pads.

As the photos above show, despite the high level of detailing, the polymer system was easily up to task - being "perfect forming" around details, jointless and seamless, fully wind and weatherproof, safe to walk on (within just a few hours) and guaranteed to last. The owners were delighted with the final balcony area!

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