Troon Garage Flat Roof Installation, Ayrshire

RM Polymers
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This row of eight garages in Troon, South Ayrshire (less than 40 miles west of Glasgow), was in need of a roof, quickly.

The area, as can be seen from the photograph, was relatively large, around 160m2, and required a full flat roof system. Because of continuity of work, the contractor needed a quick turnaround and dry storage needed to be preserved.

Polymer roofing is especially helpful in these circumstances, enabling fast work (but retaining the system's high specifications) and minimum disruption to the area below the roof.

This row of garages was completed speedily and for less than £50m2. These garages now benefit from one continuous jointless, seamless roof that will be strong, leakproof, waterproof and weatherproof for many, many years to come.

What now?

For more about how the polymer system works or how we can help with your roof, simply follow the links around the site. One of the many advantages of polymer roofing is the speed of installation, meaning we can get to your roof no matter where it is as we are not beholden to the long schedules common in our industry. 

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