Warm Roof in Waunfawr, Aberystwyth

The warm roof insulation layer is installed
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Then the entire insulated area is levelled
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When the area is level the edges are secured
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The final barrier layer is set
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The polymer coatings are jointless & seamless, eliminating water ingress
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The area is waterproof, UV resistant and fireproof just 1 hr after application
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The roof is safe to walk on after 6 hours and guaranteed fully mechanically cured within 72 hours
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This flat roof in Waunfawr, Aberystwith in Ceredigion (West Wales) required warm roof insulation to comply with government U-values regarding (a measure of the rate of heat transfer across a surface). Roof "obstacles" and detailing are no problem at all for the polymer system but in this case were sparse, being limited primarily to chimney venting.

We installed the requisite insulation course (see our specialist warm roof / flat roof section) then coated and overcoated the area in the jointless, seamless polymer roofing system, eliminating any leakage potential and creating a high spec & durable fully weatherproof surface guaranteed to last for years.

What now?

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