Product Description: Bonding Primer

Bonding Primer Product Description
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5 litre bonding primer available in 2 types:

  • Universal Bonding Primer: for use with most existing roof surfaces, including asphalt, timber and plywood, mineral felt, brickwork, etc.
  • Metal Bonding Primer: for use on metal roof surfaces

Bonding primer should be applied to cleaned, pressure-washed surface prior to application of base coat

Coverage / Spread Rates:

  • Rough surfaces such as mineral felt: 0.25 litre m2 ( 1 x 5 litre container
    would cover 16-18m2 of mineral felt covered garage flat roof)
  • Timber surfaces: Up to 0.115 litre m2 ( 1 x 5 litre would cover up to 12 ply
    wood 8 x 4 sheets )


  • Universal Bonding Primer £38.98 plus VAT plus £15.00 delivery
  • Metal Bonding Primer £125.00 plus VAT plus £15.00 delivery


Tips for Use:

  • Open carefully to allow proper resealing
  • Reseal immediately after decanting


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Price: £38.98