Terms and Conditions


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Main Terms & Conditions

"We, Us, Our or the Distributor" RM Polymers
"You, Your or the Customer" means the organisation, person, firm, or company purchasing the Goods and Services and identified on the Quotation,
"the goods and services" means the goods and services which shall be supplied as part of the Works,
"the price" means the price specified in the Quotation,
“the Quotation” means the Quotation overleaf,
“the Works” means the provision of the liquid membrane roofing material and associated services in accordance with the Quotation.

If You are buying the goods and services for your own personal use and not as part of a business then you are a consumer and specific terms and conditions apply as set out in clause 7 below.

1.1 If the Quotation is signed by You and Us within its validity period, then a contract will be created and upon receipt of the deposit by Us We will provide the goods and services to carry out the Works.
1.2 We will provide only those Works that are ticked in the boxes on the Quotation at the Location. At Our option We may agree to sign Quotations outside their validity periods and create binding contracts.
1.2 We will carry out the Works within a reasonable time, although times quoted by us for performance are estimates only.
1.3 We will insure our performance of the Works with public liability insurance up to £5,000,000 per event or connected series of events. You shall be responsible for maintaining insurance of all property and things at the Location for all other risks.
1.4 We will carry out our Works in accordance with Health and Safety requirements.
1.5 Both before We start the Works, and after We complete the Works We will take photographs of the Location. These Photographs will be binding on You and Us as regards the condition(s) at and of the Location before and after the carrying out of the Works.
1.6 We will notify You when the Works are complete and carry out a test, where appropriate, to show the Works are complete.

2.1 You are responsible for making payment to Us for the Works in accordance with the Payment terms. Payment terms are specified in the Quotation. Where no Payment terms are specified then the Price shall be paid in full on receipt of an invoice. You will be responsible for the payment of the Price plus VAT.
2.2 Where the Proposed Works require any of the items listed overleaf that have not been ticked then You will be responsible for providing these goods and services to Us free of charge in accordance with Our requirements. You must supply these at the times and for the periods required by us to carry out the Works.
2.3 You will be responsible for ensuring that the Location is fully insured.
2.4 You are responsible for notifying us of any known dangers of which You are aware at the Location. Although We are responsible for the Health and Safety compliance with Our works, You are responsible for compliance of the Location with all health and safety laws.
2.5 You are responsible for notifying us of all known leaks of which you are aware at the Location.
2.6 Where the Works require planning approval or other permissions then You are responsible for obtaining these approvals and permissions.
2.7 You shall be responsible for ensuring that we have adequate access to carry out the Works.
2.8 You shall be responsible for all matters listed in the EXCLUSIONS clause below.
2.9 You shall accept the Works (or be deemed to have accepted them) when We can reasonably show You that the Works are completed.

3.1 We will not be responsible for any of the Works that are not ticked as to be supplied by Us in the Quotation.
3.2 However, If you require any of the Works that are not ticked in the Quotation We may agree to perform these for You but only on agreement of an additional sum to the Price.
3.3 We are only responsible for carrying out the Works to the flat roof at the Location. We are not responsible, and You are responsible, for any work to the adjoining walls or roofs that may be required to enable us to carry out the Works, unless We, in writing, expressly accept responsibility for such work in the Quotation. If You have any questions about the extent of the Works or the Quotation then You should ask us for clarification before You enter into a contract with Us.
3.4 You shall not be able to withhold acceptance or payment for the Works where We can show that the Works are completed in accordance with the Quotation. In the event there is a dispute then such disputes will be resolved by an expert as described in clause 8 below.
3.5 If You do not accept the Works due to defects or problems which are not required to be provided by Us as part of the Quotation, then You will be required to pay, in addition to the Price, a reasonable sum based on Our usual charges, for all further goods and services supplied by Us, including a call out charge for each additional visit by Us to the Location.
3.6 If You do not provide the other goods and services required in order for Us to carry out the Works in accordance with Our requirements then We may, at Our option cancel the contract and You will be required to pay a reasonable sum, based on our usual charges, for Our time and materials incurred in carrying out the Works to that date. If We do not cancel the contract then You will be responsible for any additional costs and expenses incurred by Us as a result of Your failures.

3.7 The quoted cost is the amount payable in full. No discount applies if, for example, installation is quicker than quoted owing to good weather or specialist eqipment hire or if for whatever reason the actual m2 fixed onsite is less than the m2 quoted. The client contractor is responsible for the actual amount of m2 fixed onsite.




4.1 Payment terms are set out in the Quotation. Time of payment is critical to us. Payment is not deemed to have been made until we receive the correct cleared funds from You. If You do not pay or are late in paying then we reserve the right, but without prejudice to our other rights, to stop the Works.
4.2 In addition to clause 4, if You are late in paying then You will be liable to pay interest on outstanding payments at the rate of 4% above the base lending rate of Lloyds Bank plc from time to time from the time the payment should have been made up to the time it is actually received by Us.
4.3 You are not allowed to withhold any monies that are owed by You to Us or make any deductions from the payments without Our prior permission.
4.4 Ownership in the goods that are supplied to You shall remain vested in Us until payment is received in full.

5.1 You have three options for warranty:- either (i) 6 month warranty, (ii) warranty of freedom from defects of materials; or (iii) freedom from defects in workmanship and materials. The Quotation will indicate which warranty You have purchased and the term for which it has been purchased. Warranty options (ii) and (iii) are provided subject to the terms and conditions of the warranty policy which will be provided to You if You indicate that You want to purchase these warranties.
5.2 If there are problems with the Works within 6 months from their acceptance, regardless of which warranty You have purchased, then You will contact Us and allow us the opportunity to investigate the problems. Where the problems are identified by Us as arising from defects in Our workmanship or materials then You will permit Us to correct the defects at no further charge to You within a reasonable time. Where the problems are not caused by defects in Our workmanship and materials then We may correct these for You but You will be charged for this work at our then applicable rates. Expressly excluded from this warranty are problems caused by works not carried out by Us, damage caused by neglect or misuse or other events or happenings outside of Our control.
5.3 If You purchase the Works with a 6 month warranty only then if there should be any problems with the Works after six months from their completion, You will be required to pay for further services to remedy these problems. If You have purchased the Works with warranties (ii) or (iii) described above then correctional services may be provided under the terms and conditions of the applicable warranty.
5.4 Where You are contracting with Us not as a consumer then these warranties are instead of all express or implied warranties, conditions, representations or guarantees as to the quality of the goods and/or services and their fitness for purpose and/or correspondence with description whether arising under statute common law or otherwise.
5.5 Until the full payment is received no warranty is applicable.
5.6 6 month warranty applies from the date of completion of work.
5.7 Any dispute or clarification regarding the warranty itself must be given within 14 days of completion of our contract to you as per the itemised quotation.


(This clause does not apply to consumers and if You are a consumer You are referred to clause 7 below)
6.1 We shall, maintain public liability insurance up to £5,000,000 per event or connected series of events.
6.2 We shall be responsible for personal injury or death caused by Our negligence in connection with the performance of Our duties under a contract.
6.3 Except for claims for death or personal injury arising from Our negligence, in no event will We be liable for any damages resulting from loss of use of the Location, lost profits, loss of anticipated savings, nor for any damages that are an indirect or secondary consequence of any act or omission of Us whether such damages were reasonably foreseeable or actually foreseen.
6.4 Except as provided above in the case of personal injury, death and for public liability, Our maximum liability to You under these terms and conditions or otherwise for any cause whatsoever (whether in the form of the additional cost of remedial services or otherwise) will be for direct costs and damages only and will be limited to a sum equivalent to the price paid to Us for the goods and services that are the subject of Your claim, plus damages limited to 25% of the same amount for any additional costs directly, reasonably and necessarily incurred by You in obtaining alternative goods and services.
6.5 The parties acknowledge and agree that the limitations contained in this clause 6 are reasonable in the light of all the circumstances.
6.6 All liability that is not expressly assumed in these terms and conditions is excluded. These limitations will apply regardless of the form of action, whether under statute, in contract or tort including negligence or any other form of action. For the purposes of this clause, We includes Our employees, sub-contractors and suppliers who shall all have the benefit of the limits and exclusions of liability set out above in terms of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude or limit liability for fraudulent misrepresentation.

Where You are purchasing goods and services as a consumer either from our web site or as part of a distance sale (all as defined by relevant legislation) then the following additional terms and conditions apply to the above conditions:
7.1 Your statutory rights are not affected by anything in these terms and conditions;
7.2 We will notify You when We sign the Quotation if the Works will take more than 30 days.
7.3 You will have a period of 7 working days after Our signature of the Quotation when You can cancel the contract. If You wish to to cancel your contract then You must notify Us in writing.
7.4 If You wish to return goods provided to You, You must send them to Us. You must pay the cost of returning the items to Us. Alternatively, We can collect the items from You, but You will have to pay the cost of Us collecting the goods. We will give You a refund for all goods returned to Us in good saleable condition.
7.5 To cancel the contract You will need to send a letter to Us. You can send the letter by post, email or facsimile or by personal delivery. Contact details for where to send the letter are set out in the Quotation. If You cancel the contract orally, You will need to confirm the oral cancellation in writing and send it to Us by one of the means just specified.
7.6 Please note that You cannot cancel the contract once We have started to perform the Works, or where You have agreed to Us starting to perform the Works before the end of the seven days.
7.7 Any contract that is created by Our acceptance of Your order shall be stored by Us and copies will be accessible to You upon Your request. A charge may be made for copies where this is permitted under relevant legislation;
7.5 If You are not a consumer then the provisions of this clause 7 do not apply to Your contract with Us.


8.1 If the Customer and the Distributor are unable to agree upon the determination of any obligation due from one party to the other the matter in dispute shall be referred to an independent person (the ‘Expert’) who shall act as an expert and not as an arbitrator and whose decision in relation to the matter in dispute shall be final and binding upon the parties.
8.2 If the parties fail to agree upon the identity of the person to be appointed as the Expert then either party may apply to the President of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (the ‘Appointing Authority’) to appoint a person to act as an Expert to determine the matters in dispute requesting that the appointment be made within 21 days of receipt of the request by the Appointing Authority.
8.3 Any person appointed to act as an Expert pursuant to this agreement shall at the time of confirming that he is willing and able to accept such appointment disclose to all parties any contact or relationship with any party to the dispute and otherwise disclose to the parties any duty or interest which does or may create a conflict or otherwise impinge upon the matters in dispute which he is to be appointed to determine. If any such disclosure is made any party may object to the appointment within 7 days and another expert shall be chosen.
8.4 Upon the person appointed as Expert confirming his willingness and ability to accept the appointment and upon neither party having raised any objection to the appointment in the light of any disclosure made by the Expert in accordance with clause 8.3 above, the parties shall jointly send a letter to the Expert containing the terms of his appointment including, inter alia, the following:
8.4.1 that the Expert shall not later than 14 days after the confirmation of his appointment call the parties to a meeting at which he shall give directions as to the future conduct of the matter and shall from time to time give such further directions as he shall see fit;
8.4.2 that the Expert shall make his determination as soon as reasonably practicable after receipt of all written or oral submissions which the Expert orders should be made and conclusion of such further work as the Expert shall consider necessary. In any event, the Expert shall endeavour to issue his decision within 2 months of the directions meeting referred to in clause 8.4.1 above;
8.4.3 that the Expert shall be entitled to obtain such independent legal or other expert advice as he may reasonably require and may obtain such secretarial assistance as is reasonably necessary;
8.4.4 that the Expert shall give full written reasons for his determination
8.5 For the avoidance of doubt, any person appointed to determine a dispute in accordance with this clause shall act as an expert and not as an arbitrator and the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1996 (as amended from time to time) and the law relating to arbitrations shall not apply to such Expert or his determination or the procedure by which he reaches his determination.
8.6 The determination of the Expert shall be final and binding upon the parties.
8.7 The Expert shall also determine who is liable to pay his costs as a result of the reference to him.

Data Protection Notice: The information I have supplied to the Distributor will be used by it and its franchisor and their suppliers to process my contract. My data may be shared with third parties for the purpose of credit and/or identity checking and for storage on RM Polymers (and its suppliers) database of customers and contracts . The information collected will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Further, I agree to the Distributor (and its franchisor RM Polymers and its suppliers) processing my data for the purposes of marketing similar goods or services to me. The Distributor, or its agents or franchisors may call, e-mail or text me with details of other goods or services that may interest me. A Tick in the following box signifies my agreement to these activities. 
The Distributor may also transfer my information to third parties so that the third parties may use my information for sales and marketing purposes. I can withdraw this consent at any time by advising the Distributor by telephone or in writing at the address above. A Tick in the following box signifies my agreement to these activities. 

Order Cancellation Rights: The Customer has a right to cancel the contract if he or she wishes and this right can be exercised by sending or taking a written notice of cancellation to the distributor within the period of 7 days following the making of the contract unless We agree to the Works commencing before the end of the 7 day period. A cancellation form will be included with a copy of our signed Quotation.



In these terms and conditions, unless the context requires otherwise –

“Customer” means the company, firm, body or person requiring to undertake work/labour & materials.
“Products” means the Products specified in the Order.
“Order” means the customer’s instructions to supply and install products, including all documents referred to within those instructions.
“Quotation” means the quotation supplied by to the customer for the supply and installation of the products

1.1 Quotations are not binding on him and a contract (the “contract”) will only come into being upon acceptance by of the Order. The following conditions shall be deemed to be incorporated into the contract. No other statements, representations or literature shall form part of the contract unless expressly agreed in writing by both parties.
1.2 All terms and conditions referred to or appearing in the order or otherwise stipulated by the Customer shall have no effect. Acceptance of any variation of the contract must be confirmed in writing by
1.3 Contracts are not subject to cancellation without written consent. Where cancellation is accepted, We shall in addition to any express terms of conditions, be entitled to reimbursement of any costs incurred in connection with the contract.

2.1 RM Polymers reserves the right to amend any quotation which is affected by unforeseen abnormal fluctuation in the cost of the material or installation associated with the work.
2.2 Unless the quotation is marked “All for the sum of”, all quantities are subject to re-measurement upon completion of the contract work. Measurement shall be based upon the rates and prices stated in the quotation unless otherwise specifically agreed by both parties.
2.3 The rates included in the quotation assume that Our work will be installed as a single contract during which We will have constant and sole possession of the whole area where Our work is to be installed, thus ensuring continuity of work. We reserve the right to amend Our rates if uninterrupted working is prevented for any reason unless previously stated or waived in writing.
2.4 All prices are exclusive of VAT which must be added to any quotation given.

3.1 Prices quoted are Net unless a cash discount is provided for and shown in the quotation and are in sterling unless otherwise agreed. The Customer shall not be entitled to deduct from any sums payable to Us under the contract any amount claimed as due from Us by way of set off, counter claim or otherwise.
3.2 Where the contract period extends over one month, RM Polymers shall be entitled to receive interim payments on account, the first such interim payment to be paid within fourteen (14) days of commencement on site, with succeeding interim payments becoming due and payable at thirty (30) day intervals thereafter.
3.3 Failure to pay any invoices in accordance with the terms specified in the contract shall entitle RM Polymers to suspend further work. Also We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts, such interest to be calculated and applied on a day to day basis to the amount outstanding at the rate of 4% above the published base rate of the National Westminster bank PLC.

4.1 Title to the products (whether separate and identifiable or incorporated in or mixed with other products) shall remain with RM Polymers until payment in full has been received by Us for those products.
4.2 At any time RM Polymers may allocate sums received from the Customer as it thinks fit notwithstanding any purported allocation by the customer.

5.1 Any dates for the supply and installation of the products are only approximate and unless otherwise expressly stated, time is not of the essence for delivery or performance. RM Polymers will not be liable in any circumstances for the consequences of any delay or performance or failure due to an act of god, fire, inclement or exceptional weather conditions, industrial action, hostilities, shortage of labour, materials, power or other supplies, late delivery or performance or non-delivery or non-performance by suppliers or sub contractors, governmental order or intervention (whether or not having the force of law) or any other cause whatsoever beyond control of an expected or exceptional nature.
5.2 Any dates given by RM Polymers for the commencement or completion of the supply and installation of the products are in any event based on the requirements of the Customer as provided by them to RM Polymers; as part of the order any change by the Customer to those requirements shall entitle Us to alter such dates for delivery or completion.
5.3 No delay shall entitle the Customer to reject any delivery or performance or to repudiate the contract.

6.1 If the customer enters into a deed of arrangement: commits an act of bankruptcy; compounds with creditors; has a receiving order made against him or (be in a company); passes a resolution or has the court make an order that they be wound up (other than for the purpose of amalgamation or reconstruction); has a receiver (including an administrative receiver) appointed for any other assets or undertakings; suffers the appointment or the presentation of a petition for the appointment of an administrator; has circumstances arise which entitle the court to make a winding up order; takes or suffers any similar action in consequence of debt; or if the financial responsibility of the Customer, in the opinion of RM Polymers, becomes impaired or if the customer commits any breach of any part of the contract then We may without prejudice to which rights and remedies under these conditions, stop all products in transit and suspend further deliveries or work and by notice the Customer may terminate the contract immediately.
7.1 Where the Customer supplied drawings we shall be entitled to assume that those are true and suitable for the production of the products in the quantities and to the dimensions shown.
7.2 While we will use all reasonable endeavours to verify any drawings supplied by the Customer, no responsibility is accepted by us for their accuracy

8.1 None of the rights or obligations of the Customer under the contract may be assigned or transferred in whole or in part without the prior consent of both parties.
8.2 RM Polymers shall be entitled to sub contract any work relating to the contract without obtaining the consent of or giving notice to the Customer.

9.1 The Customer agrees to pay due regard to any information or revised information whenever supplied by Us (and is deemed to have been given adequate information and to have read and understood it) relating to the usage for which the products were designed or have been tested or concerning the conditions necessary to ensure that they will be safe and without risk to health at any time they are being used, cleaned or maintained by any person; and the Customer undertakes to take such steps as may be specified in the aforementioned information to ensure that as far as reasonably practicable the products will be safe and without risk to health at all times as mentioned above. For these purposes the Customer is deemed to have been given a reasonable opportunity to test and examine the products before delivery.

10.1 The Customer shall be responsible for insuring the premises where works are to be carried out (together with the contents of the Customer or for which they are responsible) including all unfixed materials and goods delivered to site, which are intended for use in RM Polymers works. The insurance to be provided by the Customer shall be in the joint names of the Customer and RM Polymers against loss or damage by fire, lighting, explosion, storm, tempest, flood, bursting or overflowing of water tanks apparatus or pipes, earthquake, aircraft and other aerial devices or articles dropped there from, riot and civil commotion. The Customer shall on Our request produce reasonable evidence that the insurance referred to in this clause has been taken out and is in force at all material times.

11.1 The additional conditions detailed in the appendix shall be incorporated into all contracts

12.1 Any notice or other communication to be given under these conditions must be in writing and may be delivered or sent by pre-paid 1st class letter post or facsimile transmission.
12.2 Any notice or document shall be deemed served, if delivered at the time of delivery, when posted, 48 hours after posting and/or if sent by facsimile, at the time of transmission.
13.1 Any invalidity, illegality or unenforceability of these conditions should not effect the other conditions.

14.1 The contract (and any proceedings whereby one party might be entitled to join the other as a third party) shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with English law and the parties hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.



The rates and prices specified by RM Polymers in any quotation are based upon these terms and conditions and do not take account of any other conditions of enquiry. All quotations assume that the following will be provided to us free of charge.
1.1 Adequate ventilation to meet all COSH and safety requirements
1.2 Electric power (230 volts AC) with connection points in the area where RM Polymers labourers are working for the operation of its equipment.
1.3 Water (for mixing) piped to and stored for use on the floor level at which it is required
1.4 Free and uninterrupted possession of the site in order that RM Polymers may execute the works specified in the quotation in the most economic manner during its normal working hours. All work executed at the Customer’s request on bank holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays applying to the construction industry or outside normal working hours will be subject to additional charge unless previously waived in writing.


2.1 Unless stated in the Quotation or estimate, the Customer is responsible for supplying scaffolding, access platforms and safety handrails according to Health and Safety standards. 

2.2 Unless stated in the Quotation or estimate, the Customer is responsible for supplying a scaffold loading bay according to Health and Safety standards.1.1 Adequate ventilation to meet all COSH and safety requirements

2.3 Unless stated in the Quotation or estimate, the Customer is responsible for supplying efficient lifting gear and methods, capable of the task. Where cranes and telehandlers or cherry pickers are supplied by the Customer, the operator is to be highly skilled, familiar with the plant, competent in speaking English, and have good eyesight.
2.4 The Customer will supply the telehandler crane as a priority for RM Polymers (and its sub contractors where applicable) on the agreed date of commencement of works.
2.5 In the event of the above not being in place so that RM Polymers or its subcontractors cannot commence work, the delay costs to RM Polymers of £500 per day will be chargeable by Us to the Customer. The delay will credit the allocated time for the project including missed weather slots


3.1 Patch work / repair work meaning: Unless the works are full refurbishment, all works are regarded as repair. Patch repair work means more than one repair will be needed than quoted. It is our responsibility to inform you the customer and document and explain what has been uncovered during the works.
3.2 Unless the works are a complete refurbishment and coating of the roof, small works such as repairs and patch repairs and hosepipe testing further to that laid out in the initial quotation, for example to track down additional leak sources, are deemed to be by a process of elimination in order to identify and cure the leaks.3.3
3.3 Unless stated, further hosepipe testing to track down leaks and repairs to likely sources of apparent leaks, including but not limited to lean-to roofs, walls, upper roofs, valleys, parapet walls, cavity trays, structural wall coating/pointing, window trays, flashings, ventilation, and condensation dew points, as well as to other sources of leaks, are deemed to be extra work needed in the process of elimination and will be charged as such to the Customer at the usual rates. Any additional materials required to repair the leak or leaks will also be charged to the Customer at the usual rates. 
3.4 Where agreement cannot be met on the source of the leaks before or after repairs and patch repairs and further hosepipe testing take place, the Customer agrees to accept the professional judgement of RM Polymers. 
3.5 However as a final resort where the Customer strongly disputes the professional judgement of RM Polymers regarding the source of leaks before or after repairs and patch repairs and further hosepipe testing take place, the Customer is within their rights to employ an independent specialist roofing surveyor with expertise in polymer roofing to provide an additional report at the Customer's own expense. Any such surveyors report shall be conducted openly and shall allow RM Polymers the opportunity to put forward and discuss their professional viewpoint fully with the surveyor the Customer has retained. RM Polymers retains the right to not undertake the works prior to or after this secondary report.
3.6 Disagreement in additional works: The customer must pay for the works completed and may employ another contractor to do other necessary works if our advice is disregarded, without penalty from RM polymers. Our works will not be guaranteed if the necessary works are not undertaken.

3.7 Damage to roofs after completion: A standard charge of £580+VAT is chargeable. Where multiple damage has occurred and a large area of the roof is to be recoated, reinstatement of the warranty guarantee is subject to further charge. Cleaning/pressure washing of the roof is the responsibility of the main contractor unless requested to be undertaken by RM Polymers. In the case of multiple damage where the cost of full new coating is unaffordable an electro-test is carried out by a qualified sub contractor. At additional charge, the contractor may pay the invoice directly up front to the electro-testers as per usual pro forma invoice terms.


- All guarantees are subject to remedial works carried out to maintain areas crucial to maintaining the waterproofing of the flat roof, such as lean-to roofs, coping stones, flashings, abutment walls, etc.

- All insurance backed guarantees are 10 years unless otherwise stated and are extendable to the life term of the designed system. The insurers terms are applicable, i.e. that associated areas are maintained and any remedial works are carried out to maintain their integrity. 

- Insulation is always supplied at 5% above the actual area to allow for cuts to tapered design and fat board thickness specific to the contract. Insulation is recycled via free use of the main contractors recycling skips. Recycling by ourselves is chargeable. The main contractor client is responsible for stating different terms to the standard terms and conditions.