Newbuild Warm Roof - Quartzed Terraced Roof in Llanrhystud

This newbuild in Llanrhystud (halfway between Aberystwyth and Aberaeron in Ceredigion, West Wales SY23) needed a warm roof for a good sized first-floor terrace area spanning two sets of patio doors / French windows.

The weather was beautiful so it was enjoyable (if warm!) work. The client chose a quartz system for additional durability and non-slip qualities.

They now have a long-lasting, high-performance terrace overlooking the gorgeous West Wales scenery!

Ceredigion County Council roof: Aberaeron, West Wales

The Ceredigion County Council offices in Aberaeron, near Aberystwyth in West Wales were sheltering under a quickly perishing flat roof. The roof itself was of a substantial size, and was made from high grade mineral felt which, overall, was in excellent condition and exhibited good workmanship. It was, however, leaking water in several places.

We kept the existing mineral felt roof, overcoating with the liquid polymer system, sealing and waterproofing the roof while retaining as much of the existing roofing material as possible.

Portacabin flat roof in Ciliau Aeron, West Wales

Polymer roofing is the ideal solution for portacabin roof repairs - it's fast, seamless & jointless (so no leaks), fully waterproof & weatherproof in a matter of hours, long-lasting and environmentally beneficial.

To talk to us about your roof or to arrange a no-obligation quote, simply email or call us on  01970 610047

School computer room roof in Aberaeron

This flat roof repair and replacement project was undertaken at Aberaeron, not far from Aberystwyth, on the wet and windy West Wales coast.

The school computer room roof, now a leaking and rotting patchwork of repairs, originally had a flat ash felt roof that had fissure-cracked over the school’s sixty year life and been felted over at some point with non-vapour permeable felt.

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