Newbuild Warm Roof - Quartzed Terraced Roof in Llanrhystud

This newbuild features a sizeable terrace with two patio french doors
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End walls were also covered and waterproofed, helping to prevent ingress
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The polymer system allows for perfect joins between surfaces and walls/upstands
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Edging is straight and neat with no messy bits!
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The professional, well-finished lines are achieved in every part of the roof
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The finished quartz terrace surface - ready for many summers to come!
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This newbuild in Llanrhystud (halfway between Aberystwyth and Aberaeron in Ceredigion, West Wales SY23) needed a warm roof for a good sized first-floor terrace area spanning two sets of patio doors / French windows.

The weather was beautiful so it was enjoyable (if warm!) work. The client chose a quartz system for additional durability and non-slip qualities.

They now have a long-lasting, high-performance terrace overlooking the gorgeous West Wales scenery!

Roofs are notoriously expensive - to repair OR build from scratch, but polymer roofing delivers notable savings:

  • Comparatively fast installation means most jobs are done in one day, saving significantly on labour costs
  • We're experienced and can reach most roofs quickly, anywhere in the UK, so work's underway before it gets worse
  • When the roof fails (20+ years) polymer roofs 'chalk' instead of lifting, peeling or cracking, so YOU get warning and there are no sudden, costly leaks (which can also result in loss of goods below)
  • Per m2 compared to most other systems, polymer roofing is highly affordable. If durability and performance are factored in, it gives better value for money than ALL other systems.
  • RE METAL ROOFING: Polymer roofing is theftproof, meaning no repeat roofers and no metal roof insurance (though it can accurately mimic the look - see copper roof alternative and lead roof alternative)
  • We offer FREE onsite assessment & quotes

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