Borth dormer cold roof upgrade

These three dormer windows in Borth, near Aberystwyth in Ceredigion SY24, were in need of (cold roof) upgrade with correct ventilation including over-fascia ventilation. The work required a 50mm air gap with 4m maximum air travel.

Borth School Porta Cabin Roof Refurbishment

This school in Borth, on the wet and windy west coast of Wales, needed a roof refurbishment for one of its portacabins.

Refurbishments involve overlaying polymer coats on existing roofing, fully sealing the roof and making it jointless and seamless.

All our roofs are guaranteed weatherproof, UV proof, waterproof and fireproof within the hour and safe to walk on after just 6 hours. The work we undertake is non-disruptive, meaning people working below usually don't even have to vacate the space.

Borth Ynyslas Seaside House - A Full Polymer Refurb

This seaside property in Borth (Ynyslas) on the west coast of Cerdigion in Wales really put the polymer system through its paces, using the system's incredible versatility to achieve multiple ends that ultimately involved not just roofs but walls and windows.

The house now has a polymer lined balcony, converted from an existing roof area, a fully sealed and watertight Dorma window, and coated walls, protecting it from the worst of the Welsh weather and sea winds for many years to come.

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