Complete Garage Roof Rebuild for Under 10K - Borth, Wales

First view - the garage roof was peeling, cracked, fragmented and rotting
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Nothing was salvageable so the entire roof had to be dismantled
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Thegarage was stripped right back to the adjoining wall
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The remaining, very rotted material!
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As the roof structure was rebuilt, it was insulated
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32 new joists were fitted
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The structure was then topped with plywood to give a substrate for polymer installation
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A view from below showing depth of insulation to meet U-Values
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The polymer roof - installed and 'curing'
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Side view - an excellent quality, high performance, snug new roof for less than 10K
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And a made-to-size opening for the garage door
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This enviably large 46m2 garage roof in Borth on the West Wales coast (SY24, Ceredigion) had been so neglected that nothing was salvageable (which is rare). In this case, it meant a complete rebuild. The entire job cost less than 10K.
What was done:
  • After stripping the roof of all the old material, 32 joists were installed.
  • This created the structure to redeck the rood
  • A polyroof 20 year Protec liquid system was installed
  • New upvc fascias, soffit & guttering were installed
  • The garage door (a separate item) will enjoy the opening framed to size. This can further save on costs (as the client intends) by enabling the purchase of garage doors that have been wrongly measured by others (i.e. cancelled orders) at a discount - effectively recycling brand new garage doors 
A note on costs:
Roofs are notoriously costly to fix and/or build, but polymer roofing in particular can deliver significant savings:
  • Relatively speedy installation means most jobs completed within a day, saving labour costs
  • We can get to most roofs quickly, UK-wide, so the job's underway before it gets worse
  • When the roof fails (20+ years) polymer roofing 'chalks' rather than cracking or lifting, so you get plenty of warning with no sudden, expensive leaks (or loss of goods below)
  • Polymer roofing is highly affordable per m2 compared to most other systems. Factoring in durability and performance, it is cheaper than ALL other systems.
  • Polymer roofs are theftproof, so no repeat roofing visits or expensive insurance for metal roofs (though it can accurately mimic the look - see copper roof alternative and lead roof alternative)


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