Bin Storage Unit in Cheltenham

The owners of this new bin storage area in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire were looking for a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing solution to keep outdoor bins dry and well-protected from the weather.

As the photographs show, the polymer system is just as versatile and effective for smaller projects as for larger ones. We were able to construct a cleanly-draining roof area, tapered to inbuilt guttering so the water never pools - meaning no weight-related roof collapse, no gathering moss, no algae or mould, no water ingress or leaks and no large areas of ice in the winter.

Large New Build Polymer Roof in Cheltenham GL50

The owners of this large new build on Parabola Road in central Cheltenham had very specific requirements, needing a warm roof over a truly huge, flat area.

We're highly experienced in installing warm roofs and flat roofs over more or less any size space, as many of our commercial projects, in particular, show.

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