Large New Build Polymer Roof in Cheltenham GL50

This large, new build roof needed insulating, installing and weatherproofing
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With the entire area covered, insulation could begin...
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Insulating such a big space took until well into the evening
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Preparations taking place. The skylights show the depth of insulation
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The owners of this large new build on Parabola Road in central Cheltenham had very specific requirements, needing a warm roof over a truly huge, flat area.

We're highly experienced in installing warm roofs and flat roofs over more or less any size space, as many of our commercial projects, in particular, show.

The entire roof achieves an excellent u-Value of 0.12 and the system is a 20+ year system, meaning it will retain that value for that long. One of the advantages of polymer roofing is that when it begins to expire, it chalks rather than cracking or lifting, giving you plenty of warning and ensuring there is no sudden loss of thermal value (or unwelcome water!).

A note on costs:

Roofs are notoriously costly to fix or refurbish. Polymer roofing saves you money:

  • Most jobs can be completed within a day, saving you days or weeks of labour costs
  • We can get to most roofs quickly, anywhere in the UK, meaning jobs are underway before they get worse
  • The expiration process gives lots of warning, and no cracks means no expensive leaks, fixes or treatments for water ingress (or loss of goods in the rooms below)
  • The materials tend to be cheaper than other options, though they have excellent specifications.

Where now?

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