Bedroom Balcony in Bristol

This roof extension makes for the ideal balcony space
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The roof waterproofing system covers every inch of roofspace
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The balcony was fully sealed, waterproof and safe to walk on within 6 hours of application
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This new balcony roof in Alveston, Bristol was created to access upper bedrooms after a sizeable extension had been built for the downstairs.

After pressure washing and preparation, the balcony roof was waterproofed with a liquid plastic decothane omegane system, which was applied to the roof deck, parapet walls, parapet top, and railing upstands, wrapping the roof completely. Following this the coping stones were laid, as well as outlets to discharge rainwater from the roof through French drains into hoppers and normal external down pipes.

The owners now benefit from a transformed property - with their new downstairs extension crowned by a beautiful, fully sealed balcony to the upper bedrooms. The new balcony is waterproof, weatherproof, fireproof, seamless, durable and safe to walk on within 6 hours of application. All at great prices no matter where your roof is.

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