Polymer Balconies & Roof Gardens

Cottage roof terrace in Oswestry, Shropshire, with 15-year jointless, seamless system - all within 3 days!
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The 2 coat jointless & seamless 15-year liquid membrane applied to Bristol roof garden
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This balcony in Helensburgh, Scotland incorporates forest green quartz sealed in with specialist resin
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This Pitlochry hotel now has a long-lasting polymer balcony quartz system on every one of its balconies
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No shape is too strange - even a 7 sided balcony
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Your Balcony Your Way:

Why use polymers?

Polymer balconies & rooftop gardens are:

  • Waterproof after just 1 hour, using a unique jointless, seamless system
  • Weatherproof, UV-proof & Fireproof after just 1 hour
  • Light, minimising stress on underlying joists but strong enough to be safely walked on after only 6 hours
  • Durable & fully guaranteed
  • Highly affordable to install and maintain
  • Quick to install over nearly any substrate (inc felt, wood, concrete, asphalt, metal & glass)
  • Unbeatable for fixing leaks, cracks and damage to older structures
  • Great looking - choose your balcony colour or a copper or lead alternative for extra impact!
  • A great base for a living 'green roof' - just add turf, fruit & veg, an earth oven, whatever you fancy...
  • Better for the environment - Cold-applied & non-toxic, we're one of the few industries reusing polymer plastic particles, helping to save ocean marine life
Your terrace/balcony surface comes with an industry-leading guarantee, transferable to future purchasers (within 15 years), and the guarantee of a Construction Line registered company that work will be completed to the highest standards, including element proofing (fire, water, UV etc), insulation ("warm roofing") and workmanship.


What now?

Call 01970 610047 to discuss a balcony or rooftop garden for your home or for information or advice about this or any other roofing question (including turf and sedum roofingor email with your details and we'll get back as soon as we can (usually within 24 hours)