Commercial Warm Green Roof in Waltham Forest

...and coated, ready for its turf covering!
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To begin with, the entire roof area was boarded
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Then the vapour controlled barrier was installed
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... and insulation added to bring the roof up to the government u-value standard
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The roof area was then capped...
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Waltham Forest Council in Greater London wanted a new bowling pavilion with a warm roof build up and seeded turf roof (or Green Roof) for the park in Forest Road, Walthamstow.

One of the main challenges with turf roofing is ensuring what is underneath provides adequate waterproofing.

Working alongside the innovative contractor Jerram Falkus, we used the pioneering liquid polymer roofing technology to ensure the best possible base:

1ST STAGE: To begin with, the roof needed a vapour control barrier
2ND STAGE - The Warm Roof: After installing the vapour control barrier, we fitted 220mm insulation designed to give 0.1 U Value
3RD STAGE: A Carrier Membrane Capping Sheet was then installed

To finish, we applied a base coat liquid membrane resin and Heavy Gauge fibreglass matting, getting the 25 YEAR BBA approved Green Roof system off to the best start possible!

The final stage will be for the seeded green roof covering (more on this later!)

This fantastic new turf roof pavilion brings a whole new meaning to "bowling green"!

Take a look at our new Seeded Turf Roof section or call 01970 610047 to see how we combine green roofing and warm roofing to help you create the perfect future-ready eco-roof.