Living Green Roofs

Waltham Forest Bowling Pavilion Roof, coated and ready for its seeded turf roof covering
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The new living green roof - turfed and seeded
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The bowling pavilion grass roof brings a touch of sustainability to this Walthamstow park...
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.... and will offer superb performance and strength for years to come
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Sedum Green Roof at Sri Lankan High Commission in St Johns Wood London
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The Sedum Roof was fitted over a 25 year gamma liquid flat roofing system...
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... putting environmentally responsible green roofing into the heart of London
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How can a plastic roof be an environmental roof?

Polymer roofing is an environmentally friendly way to reuse plastics. Over time, plastic will break down into smaller, toxin-absorbing pieces but chemically it doesn't break down into its molecular components. By the time the polymers are washed into rivers and oceans, they are just the right size for fish to mistake for plankton and are often also laden with chemicals such as DDT and other pesticides and fertilisers. Consumption of plastics has repeatedly been shown to cause widespread death among fish, seabirds and other birds - with plastic waste at the root of that problem (For an article highlighting the potential role of roofing in this click here).

Polymer roofing reuses this plastic instead of allowing millions of tons to be dumped. It turns the extreme durability of plastic into an advantage.

Living green roofs, including pitched sod, flat turf and sedum roofs are steadily gaining in popularity - your roof is the perfect space to go green!

Living Roofs for the 21st Century:

  • Living roofs (turf, sedum etc) are highly insulating, reducing heat loss and energy consumption and reducing the heat island effect
  • Also called ''green roofs'' and "vegetated roofs", living roofs reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and produce oxygen
  • They absorb massive amounts of stormwater and rainwater run-off, helping to prevent drain overload
  • They create beautiful thriving habitats for wildlife, helping to preserve biodiversity in your area
  • Living roofs filter pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air, which has been shown to have a beneficial effect upon asthma
  • Green roofs filter pollutants and heavy metals from rainwater
  • They help to insulate a building acoustically, reducing noise pollution
  • Financial benefits include: increasing the lifespan of your roof, increasing property value and saving you money on your energy bills!
  • Our warm roofs meet all government U-value regulations and, when combined with the pioneering liquid polymer technology, your new eco-roof benefits from excellent insulation as well as waterproofing that is second to none.


Some Green Roof Facts & Figures:

  • 25-40% retention of precipitation in the winter
  • 70-90% retention of precipitation in the summer
  • Green roofs reduce both stormwater runoff and the rate at which it's released, reducing pressure on sewage systems during heavy rainfall periods
  • They absorb solar energy and convert it to growth rather than heat, reducing both surface and inner ambient temperatures and the "heat island" effect.
  • They reduce dust, smog and greenhouse gases, capturing airborne pollutants and atmospheric deposits, and filtering noxious gases.
  • Green roofs prolong the life of waterproof membranes, reducing landfill waste
  • For more on benefits & advantages, visit Green Roofs (link will open a new page & take you to an external website)

Take advantage of our long years of experience, our imaginative can-do attitude, and the best in cutting edge roof technology to create a living roof that will last for years.

In the meantime, take a look at our latest green roofing projects:


Your roof can work with the environment:

  • Find out more about living roofs including turf roof weight, green roof types (modular, built up, biodiverse and intensive) and costs - Please note, this information comes courtesy of SIG Design & Technology for whom we are registered membrane roofing installers.
  • Drop us an email or call us on 01970 610047 and make your living roof plans a reality! We will never pass on your details and will never ring you to hassle you. All we'll do is offer you creative and practical solutions and a fantastic, future-friendly home!