Copper Alternative Spire and Roof, Llandrindod Wells

The finished polymer look mimics traditional patinated copper almost exactly
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Except the polymer system is jointless and seamless, allowing no water ingress at all
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Access is no problem even in challenging areas
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The system goes on smoothly with no dripping or down-melt
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Even the near vertical spires caused no difficulties
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Flashings and brickwork were also sealed
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And wall-bases were made fully water-resistant, diverting water away
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The old roof was pocking and eroding, with badly perished seams
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The old wall-bases were gathering water and damp
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The beautiful colour and look of the old spire will be preserved, without the damage
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The Metropole Hotel in Llandrindod Wells in Powys, Mid Wales is one of the town's main landmarks with a long history and great visitor appeal. Its patinated copper roof spires are an integral part of its traditional look and stately charm, but over the years they have worn and perished, their seams nearly disintegrating and the copper plates pocking and eroding.

The owners were very keen to preserve the beautiful "copper look" so, after extensive on-site assessment, they chose to go with our long-lasting "verdi green" polymer copper alternative, which replicates exactly the look of patinated copper for a much lower cost and without the copper roof insurance issues. Take a look at our dedicated copper alternative section for more>

As the images show, the steeply graded pitch of the spires, finishing at a vertical, posed no problem for the polymer system - which is flexible enough to form around even very challenging detailing. Difficulty of access, likewise, is not an issue. As can be seen, the finished look (see the first photographs) is almost indistinguishable from the patinated copper (the last three photographs), except that the polymer system is jointless and seamless, allowing no water ingress at all.

The fact that the polymer system is very non-intrusive compared to most roofing systems means there's so little disruption that ordinary activities can be carried on below, including running a hotel! The system is quick to install, minimising hassle, especially within short time-frames and can be installed at any time of the year, UK wide and even between weather fronts.

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