Theftproof Copper Roof Alternative

Embraced by cutting edge institutions like the University of Aberystwyth
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Cool, contemporary, and weatherproof!
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Verdi green top coat applied being applied to a new build in conservation area of Uxbridge, London
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Traditional yet modern - the perfect high quality finish
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Notice the excellent colour match between the new liquid polymer roof on the left and the old, patinated copper on the right
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The copper-look alternative roof ensures this church will never have its copper roofing stolen again
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Copper alternative summer house roof in Golders Green
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The alternative to copper roofing used by churches, universities, community halls, and more:

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Escalating insurance and metal roof theft mean traditional building owners are replacing copper roofing:

  • Copper roofs are extremely expensive and can be cost prohibitive to insure or replace.
  • Scrap copper prices have quadrupled in recent years making metal roofs highly attractive to thieves.
  • Copper can be difficult to form around curved shapes or features such as skylights and chimney flues, making 'interesting' roofs problematic (and more expensive).

What are the alternatives?

Our sheet copper roofing alternatives page gives you a great overview of the various copper roof alternatives on the market.

The 'verdi green' coating developed and mastered for the polymer liquid system retains the beautiful green patina effect of copper and offers a range of other benefits and advantages:

  • Flexibility: "Perfect forming" around curves and details. Overcoats pin holed copper roofing, giving a great alternative to sheet copper.
  • Durable and smooth: The system's superb jointless and seamless finish lasts a minimum 15 to 25 years, depending upon the roofing system you choose.
  • Mess-free and fuss-free: No having to wait for materials or special corners and no need to move anyone out.
  • Financial savings, short and long term. Using the liquid polymer alternative to copper roofing means a roof that:
    • can't be stolen
    • is cheaper to install
    • is free to maintain
    • doesn't require insurance
    • Looks fantastic - both 'cutting edge' and traditional (our roofs are even used for conservation areas, churches and historical buildings)


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